Badd Kitti’s Debut Single
W.T.F. (What the Funk)


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About Badd Kitti

A Soldier in the Groove Patrol –
Funkin’ on the ONE

Brieze Thompson, aka Badd Kitti, is pioneer of Philadelphia’s emerging Funk scene. She’s known for a soulful, conscious vibe derived from the many flavors of Funk’s classic era.
Her contributions to Funk are not only as keyboardist, vocalist and composer, but as producer, educator and as creator and host of the syndicated radio show/podcast, The Funk Excursion.

With her debut single, ‘WTF (What the Funk)’, Badd Kitti pays homage to the forefathers of Jazz-Funk,
such as Herbie Handcock, Donald Byrd and Roy Ayers; artists who have had a huge influence on her music. Her four song EP is expected this fall.

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